There’s a lot to share on this journey called life. But when life throws you a curve ball and says… Nope your life as you know it will change forever, you can embrace it or you can deny it. Our small little family of three decided to embrace the gift of our fourth member with open arms.  We are a family who has embraced ASL (american sign language) and all  it brings. It’s culture and identity being at the forefront.  I think we are ready to share our journey with the world.  It’s  time for our  Facebook page to move into a space of knowledge for the masses. Will you join us? I hope you do!

And that is my perspective.

3 thoughts on “Today. 

  1. Welcome to the club of “hearing parents with Deaf children.” The journey will be filled with ups and downs. But the Deaf Community is wonderful, filled with many wonderful people always willing to help guide us. I have never regretted for one moment choosing ASL as the path to take.


  2. I am a Deaf product of hearing parents. I can easily say that the best thing they ever did for me was learning sign language and sending me to a Deaf school. I did not see my family for 5 days a week. Only saw them on weekends (and of course everyday during the summer months). As a father today, I cannot imagine the pain they have to go through to send me away and not see me for 5 days! However, it was the best thing they did – because their decision enabled me to explore my identity using the most natural language and culture possible.

    Heath is thriving and he will thank you one day for letting him be him. You are a model that every parents with Deaf child(ren) needs to hear from (no pun intended).

    Go Team Rogerson!!


  3. We suffered the same when we had to send my sister to the Texas School for the Deaf. We hardly ever saw her during the school year because of the distance we would have to travel. I can remember the very 1st day we took her to the school. We had to sneak away while she screamed and screamed, knowing that we were leaving her behind.


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